Lockdown list-making: Creating something to look forward to

by Flora Hook


We want to start this blog post by saying you should do whatever makes you feel better in lockdown, whether that's working out or eating crisps, being productive or just switching off at every opportunity, whatever makes you feel good!

However we wanted to share a few ways you can keep yourself looking forward to the future. After all the UK lockdown is only a month so you can definitely get through it. This just involves making two lists in the back of your Perfect Day Planner

List 1

Write down all the people you want to see, places you want to go, things you want to do after this next lockdown is over. This can include securing a date with your loved ones to go to a certain restaurant, a shop you want to visit or even long term one's like a holiday destination or an artist you want to go and see. You can eventually tick these off one by one.

The purpose of this is it will help you look forward past the end of the lockdown and even the pandemic - whenever that may be. 

List 2

This is your place to write all the things you want to achieve in lockdown, no matter how big or small. Some examples include; sorting your wardrobe, saving X amount of money, up your weekly exercise sessions, learn a new craft or skill. The possibilities are endless.

If you aren't feeling very productive, that's okay too, this list can be as little or as long as you like. 

We hope the above technique helps you to get through the lockdown and if you need support of any kind please reach out to your friends and family.