The 2-step planning system to organise your life for good

by Flora Hook

Our aim at Collab Planning Co is to help busy women organise all parts of their lives, that's why we've developed a planning system that covers all bases. Including monthly, weekly and daily options!

Step 1 - Weekly and monthly plan

Use our This Is Your Year, 2021 planner to arrange your goals for the month, then sort these goals into your weekly spread. This will help you look at the bigger picture and make sure you achieve more than just quick tasks. As well as keep track of all your important dates and events in advance - fingers crossed your 2021 social calendar will be popping!

*Top Tip*

On a sunday evening review your goals for the week just gone and tick them off or add them to your next week. Do the same on the first day of a new month with last months goals!

Step 2 - Plan your perfect day 

Every evening check your weekly spread and break down any details into your Perfect Day daily planner - both your work and personal commitments. You can even segment it to the hour to make sure you're on top of your work meetings and appointments. 

This planning system will help you keep both your short and long term goals on lock while keeping a sustainable footprint and looking cute af, what's not to love?

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