2020 Is The Year of The Sustainable Lifestyle Business

by Flora Hook

If you didn't notice already, sustainability is incredibly important to us as a company. That's why all of the paper in our products is 100% recycled - and we like to think you'll recycle them once you've loved them too. 

We also believe that sustainability isn't just about recycling or fairtrade prices. It's about the inner ethics of a business from supply chain, operations, staffing and more. This is an ideology that we will keep throughout our business journey, creating an all encompassing, circular eco-friendly business model.

More and more businesses need to be held accountable for the aspects of their business, and will do so from now on, any business who doesn't is likely to be cast-aside in the coming years for something more ecologically effective.

Being a sustainable business builds resilience and long term effectiveness at a core level, no-one wants their business to be throwaway, a fad or a phase, which means what you're selling and buying shouldn't be any of those things either.

Just last month David Attenborough joined Instagram with a plea, urging us to live more sustainably before it's too late. As a sustainable lifestyle business we feel committed to that cause of helping people change their lives and daily habits to become more ethical - we want to provide a sustainable stationery option without compromising on price and style. That's why we're hailing this year 'the year of the sustainable business' and we're proud to be one of them.

We hope that you can join and share in the values of our Collaborative Planning Community.