About us

Our Mission.

Collab Planning Co was created out of a need to find a planning system that fits around my life. I know that your plans and goals are unique to you. Our mission is to provide every busy woman with a planning system that works for her.  We now have a range of planning materials to suit different individual organisation styles and our collection grows continuously.

Planning on paper brings a sense of peace and mindfulness that everything is under control and you can finish your day knowing you will be ready to pick it back up again tomorrow. All our pieces are complimentary to one another and if you ever want to know what's best for you - please don't hesitate to drop us a DM or email. 

Collaborative Community

Collab Planning Co. stands for Collaborative Planning Community, and it means exactly that, we aim to help you collaborate the different parts of your life and connect a community of like-minded women.  We pride ourselves on making products for ambitious, creative and talented women - follow our Instagram to join the community.  

Small but Organised

We're currently a small operation, which means we are hot on it when it comes to customer service, appreciating your feedback or just general chit chat. Be sure to follow us on Instagram  and TikTok to have your say. We can't wait to hear from you!